Photo Gallery Connected to Melting the Ice Curtain

David is interviewed by Juneau KTOO public radio volunteer host Laury Scandling in July about Melting the Ice Curtain.

David thanks Deborah Bonito, the owner of Mosquito Books at Anchorage International Airport, for hosting a book sale event in summer 2017.

Then gubernatorial press secretary David Ramseur and Alaska reporter Bruce Melzer tend to work on an Aeroflot plane over the Soviet Far East in 1989 during a visit with Alaska Gov. Steve Cowper.

In July in Juneau, I was pleased to meet with Alaska Gov. Bill Walker to present him a copy of the book. I commended the governor for re-joining Alaska to the Northern Forum federation of international governments, including those in Russia

David discussed his book and overall US-Russia relations during a visit to the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains for his 45th high school reunion in September 2017.

David shows Alaska Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott the book and discusses Alaska-Russia relations. Mallott heads Alaska's commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the US purchase of Alaska.

David Ramseur

The director of the Kennan Institute in Washington, D.C., Matt Rojansky, introduced David for a book presentation in September 2017. Here they are joined with a bust of President Woodrow Wilson.