Ramseur visits the make-shift memorial to Russia dissident leader Boris Nemtsov, assassinated in here in February 2015. Ramseur served as a volunteer media advisor to Nemtsov when he was governor of Nizhny Novgorod, USSR, in 1993.

David Ramseur was press secretary to Alaska Gov. Steve Cowper on a 1989 trade mission across the Soviet Far East. 

David Ramseur

Other Writings

David argues that the Spring 2018 diplomatic tit-for-tat actions by the US and Russia set back overall relations between the countries which should instead look to Alaska for a successful model of citizen diplomacy: Forced closing of Russia's Seattle consulate will set back U.S.-Russia relations.

I'm honored to have an essay about the theme of my book on Alaska-Russia relations published by a national magazine, Zócalo Public Square. Affiliated with Arizona State University and the Smithsonian, Zócalo’s content goes to 290 media outlets worldwide.

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